Global Integrated FinTech Solutions (GIFTS), based out of the Caribbean, was launched in the Caribbean and Latin America with the purpose of providing end-to-end financial solutions that includes card processing and fraud checking. Our launch coincides with the global transition from magnetic strip cards to EMV based chip cards and terminals in the wider Caribbean and the United States.

Our history in the EMV card space goes hand in hand with our expertise in the financial sector over the last 30 years. Staff members of GIFTS were involved in the very first EMV migration anywhere in world, and through our partnerships, platform and stakeholders we cover Core & Retail Banking, Fraud Protection, Card Services, Payments, and Software.

Mission & Vision

GIFTS seeks to become the largest, most innovative and credible FinTech company in the Caribbean whose hallmark will be providing innovative solutions while providing superior customer service. We will commence operations in the Caribbean and then expand into other under-served regions such as Latin America and Africa as part of our growth model.

We will be providing the first modular end to end solution and seek to become the pioneers and established leaders in the field of mobile payments, we want to be known as the company that conceptualized and brought the first and hopefully only regional switch to member clients across the region which will allow us to establish a robust remittance network by way of our clients.

We will be able to facilitate payments from the diaspora to our several member institutions with one of our key objectives will be becoming the regional leader in payment solutions while providing an alternative to the costly traditional card schemes by way of our One Caribbean Card.