Internet Banking

With the multitude of delivery channels available to customers today it is imperative for a bank, if they wish to remain competitive, to make maximum use of the entire communications medium available to them. Not only is this to cater for the demands of their existing customers but also to minimize the risk of losing them to aggressive competitors.

The rapid growth of the Internet has made Internet Banking a key component of any bank-customer liaison system in the modern world. The need to provide a common customer delivery channel is of utmost importance to banks looking to provide a tailored and efficient service, irrespective of the core system they are using to run the bank. The successful implementation of an Internet Banking solution can aid the bank in terms of new business and customer retention. It can also increase profitability by reducing the bank’s core processing costs and improving customer service and loyalty.

However, to be successful, any solution must be quick and cost effective to implement, adaptive to change and, above all, easy to use for the customer.

Key coverage areas:

  • IProtect existing customer base
  • ICompetitive advantage for gaining new customers
  • ISystem may be white labelled to meet existing corporate standards
  • IReduce running costs and increase profitability
  • INo risk of expensive up-front investment without return
  • IAddress both corporate and retail from the same application
  • IWorks with legacy backoffice systems
  • IAllow customers to bank when it suits them
  • IIncrease customer loyalty and retention
  • IFlexibility in a continually changing business environment
  • ICompletely cloud-based and always available
  • IProvides a 24/7 service to customers

    Cash Management

    List of balances across designated accounts
    Drill-down to account movement enquiry
    Drill-down to underlying transactions
    Account transfers
    New account application
    Request a cheque book

    Trade Finance

    Apply for a Letter of Credit
    Amend a Letter of Credit
    View all LC applications pending
    View the status of existing LC’s
    View the status of existing Collections


    Create beneficiary templates
    Domestic payments linking into local clearing system
    International payments linking into SWIFT
    Cheque payments
    Currency draft
    View outstanding payments

    Corporate Treasury

    View outstanding FX trades
    View outstanding Money Market trades

    Your bank can extend its products and promote its services to where they are needed the most i.e. to your customer’s desktops, empowering them to be more productive and better informed during their own working day.

    By providing a single interface to the customer, irrespective of the source of the data, online banking provides your customers with a comprehensive range of services enabling them to manage their finances and businesses in a much more efficient and proactive manner.

    User-specific mandates, multiple signatures and signing levels, and many other features are available as standard. Because it’s module in nature and hosted in the GIFTS platform, customers can optimize their implementation path – reducing both cost and time to market.