Core Banking Solutions

A state of the art “customer-centric” core banking software solution that runs the front, middle and back office of any bank. It is made up of several fully integrated modules that can be configured into any combination to match the exact business requirements of the bank.

Because the modular nature of the Core Banking Solution, customers can purchase the modules they need upfront, adding more as their business grows and the need arises to diversify and provide value added services to their customers in turn.

Contact Management System

A Contact Management System enables you to keep a complete history of all your dealings and communications with the customer including, but not limited to, telephone calls, letters received and sent, and agreements signed.

Limits Module

The Limits Module wraps itself around customer information in such a way that it enables complete and up-to-date exposure information applicable at the customer level, applied to a group of customers, a geographic region, an individual country, or industry group.

Accounts Module

The Accounts module is a fully functional customer accounting and multi-currency general ledger system that produces all the necessary management reporting for the bank, including multiple formats of Trial Balance; Balance Sheet; Profit-and-Loss reports and budget versus actual comparisons.

Till System

The Till System has been developed specifically for the cashier. It enables the front desk to capture paying-in and cash withdrawal as well as having the capability to process the buying and selling of travelers’ cheques and/or foreign currency.

Savings & Current Accounts

The Savings and Current (DDA) Accounts module has an enormous degree of flexibility enabling the bank to define multiple products which may be unique to them. It has a wide range of interest calculation options with recalculation of back valued interest adjustments no matter how far back an entry goes.

Payments & Transfers

The Payments and Transfers module enables the creation of both single and cross currency payments and the necessary SWIFT or clearing instruction, or cheque or draft in accordance with the customer’s wishes — particularly effective when used with GIFTS Internet Banking.

Trade Finance

The Trade Finance module is used for the purposes of capturing and processing limits, accounting, and fee information while being capable of taking SWIFT messages from any source and enables authorized users to manipulate, process and release the message for transmission over the SWIFT network.

Treasury Module

The Treasury module captures deals at the point of data entry by the dealer (or through the Reuters interface) and are used to immediately update the dealer’s diaries, positions and limits. GIFTS will then perform all the necessary accounting, revaluations, confirmations, and payment messages as required.

Fixed Deposits

Customer Fixed Deposits can be tied to a rate table so that they can be set to roll automatically or be managed individually, and supports sophisticated Commercial Lending with syndication, complex fee structures, draw-down and rollover in different currencies.

Standing Orders

The Standing Orders module enables the regular transfer of funds between accounts or collection through the clearing system.

The parameter driven nature of our core banking software ensures flexibility and means it can be easily configured to work in a multitude of ways both now and in the future without reprogramming. An easy-to-use system with a high level of user acceptance resulting in increased efficiency in a very short period after deployment.

Our single product policy offers free regular updates and upgrades, all within the safety our testing and staging environments.

This, coupled with the efficiency, security and compliance of our cloud hosted model ensures that GIFTS is more than just a vendor, but a trusted partner in your long term growth and success.